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I have ordered but not yet received a ticket!

If you've settled with Ideal your ticket is sent directly to your mail, when you have not received your ticket in your inbox check your spam and junk mail. It is possible that it ended up in there.


When will I receive my ticket (s) ?

After payment you can download the tickets right away. You can download the ticket from your TicketTack account as well.


What are the fees at TicketTack?

TicketTack charges a fee of 9% of the buying price per ticket bought. As an example: you buy a ticket with an asking price of € 20.-. You will get charged a fee of € 1,80 (incl. VAT). You will have to pay € 21,80 total. For all paying methods there could be an additional charge of fee. This will be mentioned when using these methods. 

Is it safe to buy my tickets through TicketTack ?

TicketTack works to guarantee the safety of transactions. This gets done by the following ways;

  • The tickets on TicketTack are getting checked as soon as possible. As soon as they are approved they get a check and the text ‘’controlled’’
  • Sellers only can upload new tickets if they are logged in with their Facebookaccount. This way you know who the seller is.
  • All barcodes of placed tickets are checked.
  • As a buyer you see the Facebookname of the seller in your personal account at "my bought tickets". This way buyers can check the Facebook page of the sellers and see for themselfes if it’s a ‘’real’’ account.
  • We check if our sellers are trustworthy on sites as mijn.politie.nl and internetoplichting.nl. Is there a notification about internet fraud,this persons entry to our website gets blocked.
  • Sellers get a review after a succesfull transaction. When this review is postive the seller receives the term ‘’checked seller’’ on his page.
  • Sellers who receive a negative review will get blocked. TicketTack will investigate the review. When there is no positive solution the seller gets banned from TicketTack. For this seller it is no longer possible to offer tickets on TicketTack.
  • The sellers details (name, bankaccount, telephonenumber, e-mail etc) are known at TicketTack. In case of fraud we will present this information to the autorities.
Why buy your tickets at TicketTack ?

Extortionate are not allowed at TicketTackTicketTack ensures that you can buy or sell your tickets online in a simple but particularly safe way. We check the tickets in several ways and we ensure that all buyers and all sellers are screened via Facebook en we help you with promoting your add.

Have you entered a wrong e-mail address!

If you do fill in your e-mail correctly or you can no longer enter the e-mail address that is known to us, don't worry you can also simply download your purchased Ticket from your account on our website. Log in, go to your account and click on "My bought tickets" there you can download all your purchased tickets. Enjoy the party.


Is selling tickets at Ticket Tack safe?

Yes! If you sell your ticket through TicketTack the buyer will receive his ticket just after we received the money. We can say with certainty that the money is received by us, because a buyer settles online with for example iDeal. In this way you are assured to receive your money.

What if I already have found a buyer?

Did you find a buyer yourself? You are still able to sell your ticket in a safe way through TicketTack. Please choose at "step 4 promotion" the option "I have already found a buyer". Next you fill in the email adress of the buyer. Subsequently TicketTack will send an email containing the link to the personal sales page to the buyer. This sales page is only visible to the buyer from whom you have entered the email adress. After receiving the email the buyer has two hours to settle the ticket(s) through TicketTack.

This sales transaction is only possible within the closed system of TicketTack.nl !


When will I receive my money?

The money (sales price minus 5% fee) will be send to the sellers bankaccount the first workingday after the money is received by TicketTacks on its bankaccount. Please be aware, a resell ticket will be payed out after the event!

When you sell your ticket on wensday, thursday or friday in the week before the event then we will payout your funds at monday after the event!

Am I allowed to offer my tickets on other sites?

It is prohibited to offer the tickets at the same time on TicketTack and on other sites. This to minimize the chance you sell the same ticket on the same time to more than one person. By doing so there is the possibility you’re account will be blocked on TicketTack.

What if an event is not listed yet?

If the event of the ticket that you want to sell is not listed then you can easily add the event at "step 2, events "under option " add event".

What is our fee for selling a ticket?

Listing a ticket for sale is free. Only after a ticket is sold there will be a small fee. TicketTack charges a fee of 6 % of the selling price per ticket sold. As an example: your e-ticket is sold for € 20.-, there will be charged a fee of € 1,20.- (incl. VAT). The remaining € 18,80.- will be transferred to the bankaccount of the seller.

How do I sell multple tickets at TicketTack?
If you put a PDF file on our site all tickets are split automatically by our system . If you want to use one or more tickets for personal use you can slide the bar under the relevant ticket to "not for sale". You can find the ticket for own use by using the magnifying glass to search the correct ticket number and mark this one as "not for sale". 

You have multiple tickets in different PDF files?  Then you can select and upload them all at once in our system provided that the tickets are for the same event. This way all your tickets are in one ad

Why sell your tickets at Ticket Tack ?

TicketTack ensures that you can sell your tickets online in a simple but particularly safe way. We check the tickets at several points, ensure that all buyers and sellers are screned via Facebook and help promote your advertisement. Payment is done through iDEAL, so you, as a seller, are assured of your money.

Where is my payout.

If you do not enter your IBAN as correctly, you will not receive your money until you have entered it correctly in your account on our website. The name is your name that appears on the bank card above or below your IBAN.

So not the name of the bank or card number.

You can change this in your account on our website.

1 Log in to TicketTack.

2 You click on "Your Account"

3 You click on "My details"

Under Account holder name, enter the name that belongs to the IBAN.

Also check whether all requested information has been entered and is correct.


  • Controlled sellers
  • Controlled tickets
  • Directly send to your mailbox

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